Track & Facilities

The preliminary plan of the DC Velodrome is to lease a portable cycling track from Major League Cycling.  The track is oval in shape with 48 degree banked turns and measures 166 meters (544 feet) in circumference at the pole line (lower inside edge).

The track can accommodate 12-15 riders for youth and adult classes (less experienced riders) and as many as 24 licensed or more experienced riders at one time.  Typically races will be run with fields of 12-16 riders.  A fleet of Fuji track bikes and Bell helmets will be available for beginners at no charge in our basic and advanced classes, fitness sessions, and BRL and for rent to others during scheduled training hours.

A perimeter fence will be erected around the facility.  Grandstands to handle up to 60 spectators will be placed along the home-stretch and close to the finish line.  A judges stand will be placed inside the track at the finish line and sound and lights will be operated from a console behind it.  Large flood light units on 24’ poles will be positioned one at each corner and one along each straightaway.

There will be a snack bar, storage building (including a small dressing room), and portable toilets inside the fence near to the grandstands on the home-stretch.  Parking will be provided for 50 cars.

Long-term plans will be formulated at a later time.





A photo of the Vandedrome in Chicago in the mid-1990s. The D.C. Velodrome will have a similar look and feel.